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Texas, Tom and Jerry, and a Thirsty Planet

Texas, Tom and Jerry, and a Thirsty Planet.

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Sounding the alarm

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Sounding the alarm.

TUGG Last Call at the Oasis to a Theater Near You

This post was originally published on the Huffington Post on June 19, 2012 Let’s face it. In the U. S., most of us have every expectation that when we turn on our faucets, a clear, crisp stream of cold (or hot, or any other temperature that our hearts’ desire), water will gush forth.  In fact, … Continue reading

Rallying Around Our Known Unknowns: What We Don’t Know Will Hurt Us

The following will appear in the July 2012 newsletter of the AGU Hydrology Section as part of the Fellows Speak series. Given a rare opportunity to communicate to our section, I want to focus this note on some key things that we don’t know and can’t do, rather than patting ourselves on the back too … Continue reading

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Design professional Richard Vijgen's rendering of GRACE and USGS groundwater depletion data displayed on Times Square beginning on World Water Day, March 22, 2012.