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My Visit to Aggieland (3/50)

There’s a lot of things that I miss about Texas, my former home for nearly 8 years.  The barbeque…the football…the music.  The accents. The liberal use of y’all.  The occasional use of the ‘double y’all,’ as in ‘y’all get y’all some cobbler.’ The freedom to wear a cowboy hat (I have two) without looking like … Continue reading

The STIA Loewy Lecture at Georgetown University (2/50)

A visit with Georgetown University’s Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA) program in the School of Foreign Service would be an eye opener for most of us in the water research community.  In the world of international affairs and security, the observables and metrics are just different than ours. In water research, we think about … Continue reading

And so it begins…McGill University (1/50)

And so it begins. I’ve just returned from my first of 50 (+/-) lectures as part of the 2012 Birdsall-Dreiss Lectureship of the Geological Society of America. First stop: McGill University in Montreal.  My talk on water cycle change using GRACE was well-received. As is common for a new talk, there is lots of room … Continue reading

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Design professional Richard Vijgen's rendering of GRACE and USGS groundwater depletion data displayed on Times Square beginning on World Water Day, March 22, 2012.