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The Burly Men of UCCHM Raise Water Awareness, by Stephanie Castle

Water conservation in Southern California has become a heightened issue among water users over the past decade.  In the midst of a drought starting in 2005, University of California Center for Hydrologic Modeling (UCCHM) water researchers have relentlessly tried to share important research findings with policy makers and the public to expose the dire need … Continue reading

In Depth: The futures of water | UCAR

In Depth: The futures of water | UCAR.

Texas, Tom and Jerry, and a Thirsty Planet

Texas, Tom and Jerry, and a Thirsty Planet.

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Sounding the alarm

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Sounding the alarm.

Water Security in the Himalayas: A Brief Overview

When the smog clears and we have a reprieve from the monsoon, life in Kathmandu can provide an unexpected wonder.  A simple text message saying, “The mountains are out!” and I know to head to a balcony to catch a glimpse of the imposing Himalayas.  You can see their snowy peaks poking over the lowland … Continue reading

Groundwater on Times Square!

Congratulations to Richard Vijgen, the winner of the HeadsUp! 2011 visualization contest, announced on December 7th by contest organizers Peggy Weil and Visualizing.org.  Contestants, who were design professionals and students, used real groundwater data, including our groundwater depletion estimates derived from NASA GRACE observations, to produce informative and visually-stimulating animations that help drive home the message of widespread groundwater depletion all … Continue reading

Steven Chu is a Water Guy

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is passionate about water.  In case you missed Chu’s widely publicized interview with the LA Times back in February 2009, just after he took office, it is worth a read.  Dr. Chu rightly expresses grave concern over water issues in the U.S., including their potential impacts on agriculture in California, … Continue reading

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Design professional Richard Vijgen's rendering of GRACE and USGS groundwater depletion data displayed on Times Square beginning on World Water Day, March 22, 2012.